5 Beauty benefits for using coconut oil! 🌺

Hello beauties! 🌷

Today were conversating about a miracle oil made from one ingredient and it’s extracted from the tropical fruit coconut. It has just as many beauty benefits than it does health!.. Coconut oil is a chemical-free natural superfood and is the most versatile oil, with its many uses its a must-have beauty product! I’ll be sharing with you 5 beauty tricks for the use of your next new favourite beauty product! 100% natural coconut oil! 💞


Moisturise your skin while getting a great shave by using coconut oil as your shaving lotion. Its inexpensive, naturally antimicrobial, and smells divine. In addition to getting softer, more hydrated skin, using coconut oil will also prevent razor burn and ingrowns. Just rub it into your skin and shave away. That’s it!


Show your armpits some TLC with a lavish dose of coconut oil. You can use it to exfoliate the area and prevent ingrown hairs, and its antifungal and antibacterial properties also make it a wonderful natural deodorant that smells lovely. Use it on its own and apply it to your underarms as needed. Simple as that!


The super strength of coconut oil’s antioxidants has been well documented. Tap into this power to detox your entire body. You can ingest it to detox from within, or add it to your bath to soak in the antioxidants from the outside. Your skin will prove the detoxifying power of coconut oil, both feeling and looking smoother, softer and refreshed.


The power of coconut oil can fight against bacteria including Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria in your mouth that causes dental plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease. Just swish the oil around your mouth for 10 minutes until it’s milky white then spit it out. This is called oil pulling, it reduces the bacteria in your mouth and is equivalent to mouthwash. But remember brushing & flossing is still a must!


Substitute 100% natural coconut oil in place of your usual body lotion and be amazed at the difference in how soft and hydrated your skin becomes, not only will it leave you feeling relaxed and looking fresh… you’ll also smell sweet, creamy and super exoctic!

Hope you enjoyed the blog & discovered some of the glorious wonders coconut oil has to offer your skin when incorporated into your beauty routine & that your next move is indulging yourself with a luxurious bottle of coconut oil to reap the benefits!

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